Reading on the train is no easy feat. I sit down and somebody follows me on, analyzing the train with lightning speed to figure out where they'll sit. I don't know what they're thinking, but I know what I am.

First row, far left is a definite no. She's too pretty and if I sit next to her, she'll think I'm some sleaze ball who wants to hit on her. If I don't say a word during the entire train ride, then she'll think I was too scared to say anything. It's a good seat, but she's already there. You win.

Maybe I'll go to the back two rows rather than the front. I like sitting near the doors because it means I'll have an easier time when I get off, but sometimes it's nice to perch myself in the back corner of the train with nobody behind me to see snoop on the book I'm reading. You never know what's going to pop up on the next page, and God forbid they think I'm a complete freak. I'm just a reader, after all.

Well, that's all for nothing since the back rows are taken already. Well, they're not exactly taken; there are two seats on each side of the aisle, but the two men sitting on either side are of considerable size. I'm sure I'd make them uncomfortable by sitting next to them, but I'm also the best candidate to be their seat partners, because of my lack of meat and visible presence of bones.

Nonetheless, there are two open seats right next to each other on the second row of the left side of the aisle, positioned right where one window stops and another starts—just my luck. I won't have to sit next to anyone, at least for the next few minutes.

Now, the hard part. I'm going to read. I didn't on the way home yesterday—too tired. But this morning is a different story. I just started this book by Peter Thiel, Zero to One. It's got me thinking about all the ideas I have that aren't all that game-changing after all. But that's okay. Maybe it'll spark some inspiration today.

It's the hard part because of the constant distractions tempting my eyes above the page.