Did you move to New York City? When?

    I landed in NYC on Wednesday, May 29th, 2019. On Monday, June 3rd, I started a six-month design apprenticeship at COLLINS. I don’t plan to return to Austin.

Did you get a high school diploma?


How did you discover graphic design?

    When I was eleven, I learned GIMP to make graphics for myself and other YouTubers. The work was terrible, but the early exposure to the software has proven invaluable.

Why aren’t you going to college?

    I will learn more during a four-year span on my own than I will in the same time at a university.

When did you decide not to go to college?

    In elementary school after reading Steve Jobs by Walter Isaacson.

Were you frustrated with school because you didn’t get good grades?

    No. I was near the top of my class and always bored.

Can you help me design my book?

    Yes, and I’d love to. Shoot me an email.

Can you ghostwrite for me

     No. For a lot of money, possibly.

Do you self-publish your books?

    Yes. Which is way less cool than having a major publisher.

Can I get a signed copy of one of your books?

    Yes. After you make an order, shoot me an email with your name so I can sign your order before it’s shipped out.