Diego Segura Magazine
Issue 003

“What if I wrote about mistresses for the magazine?” I thought at the beginning of this month. Surely, that would be a terrible idea—too controversial, too off-topic, too uncomfortable.

But that’s the sort of writing I like to read. I started writing with similar ideas—my first book was a collection of largely unpopular opinions about school. There’s no reason to hold back now. (Whether or not I’m right on everything is a separate issue.)

I started off researching the word mistress. I knew I’d find some interesting stories about mistresses of times past, and I happened upon a treasure trove of stories specifically about royal mistresses. These include some famous names and some lesser known, but each one of them was special. Soon enough, my original idea of the word mistress started to fall away.

The following magazine is about the true definition of a mistress.

01. The Mistress Misconception
02. Madame de Pompadour
03. The Origin of a Mistress
04. The Role of a Mistress
05. Mistress as Mindset
06. The Queen
07. Variations on a Mistress
08. Mistresses in Art
09. Sounds 003

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