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2019-08-06, posts

a playlist of the greatest people in the world

I’m on a down phase right now. Unsure of my work, unsure of my abilities. Unsure if I’m living up to the insane standards I hold myself to.

These people—these are my standard.

Steve Jobs, Coco Chanel, Charles Bukowski, Patrice O’Neal, Ronnie O’Sullivan Bobby Fischer—the greatest. I’m not the greatest at anything yet. I might not be for a while, if ever. (In reality, it’s only about being the best that I can be, even if that’s not number one on the leaderboard.) But these people who were the greatest remind me to stay focused on becoming.

Am I doing what it takes to get there one day in my own life journey? Am I thinking about life, experiencing it, working hard, focusing, poking the universe? Am I attempting to do whatever I’m doing better than it’s been done before?

If too many days go by in a row where the answer to these questions is no, something has to change. Revisiting the videos above reminds me of what to be (and sometimes what not to be.)