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2019-09-06, posts

a six-hour walk

Planned for five, walked for about six.

It’s difficult, but settle into the tedium. During work if I take a walk, I know I’m only off for a few minutes. I have to pay attention to where I’m going and how far away I am so I can return to the office. But when I’ve set aside six hours specifically to explore, there’s no such concern. The repetitiveness of putting one foot in front of the other becomes a goal in and of itself.

While six hours on one walk seems crazy, if I had stayed home, I’d have wasted my evening. I much prefer this alternative.

Why six hours? It’s a lot easier to make a massive commitment (for me) than it is to make a bunch of relatively small decisions. For example, when I decide to fast for 16, 24, or even 36 hours, it’s easy to say no to food; I’ve already committed to not eating. However, if I’m eating all day and have to make five separate decisions to eat less, it’s a bit more challenging.

It follows that instead of trying to keep myself focused for six hours while I have free time, it’s simpler to go on a really long walk. Not much you can do when you’re a long way from home.