Diego Segura



I'm Diego Segura.

I’m eighteen years old and I’ve written (and designed) two books: The Dropout Manifesto and To a Man Much Like Myself.



If you’d like to learn more about me, the following links might help you:


Culture Doc

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Why aren't you going to college?

In an effort to become something other than a mere student, I started a company called thirdbreath that offers brand identity design services and learned how to deal with clients, make sales, communicate design rationale, and even write contracts. Once I realized that I could make money from scratch by developing skills in design and communication, I knew that college would be a waste. Rather, here I am aiming to get experience as soon as possible and provide as much value as I possibly can, as early as I possibly can. Inspired by the "lean startup" thinking of Eric Ries, I treat my own career and development like a minimum viable product. The sooner I can begin working and possibly fail, the quicker I will learn.

Can you ghostwrite for me?

Yes I can. Send me an email and let me know what you’re working on.