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2019-08-28, posts

am i wasting away my good young years?

It’s late August and we’ve caught a little glimpse of fall. A nice breeze, 75º out, partly cloudy. New York, New York.

School’s starting up. Students shipping in. Washington Square Park buzzes with bright young faces excited to be in the best city in the world.

Am I wasting away my youth? Perhaps. I could have finished high school, lived at home while going to college in Austin, spent my evenings with all sorts with lovely people. I could have spent my time in class, studied for exams, accrued credits for four years and walked out.

That’s a perfectly viable option.

But life is more than exams and credits.

Another option: I could move to New York, jump into an agency full-time at a young age, embrace my love for work, work, and more work.

Also viable. But life is also more than work.

What now?