September 2019

near death
more people doesn’t equal ‘better’
all of my playlists for you to hear
a report on my longest ever fast (56 hours)
i haven’t eaten in two days
say what you need to say (but not like that)
the most wonderful walk in the world
you don’t have to do your laundry but you do have to do this
a six-hour walk
how to predict the future of music
something you should know before you say “pop music is trash”
this is why you should be excited about robots stealing your job
how to write a headline that makes you billions of dollars
the hero i met who lived up to expectations

August 2019

I should have become an engineer
how to beat a grandmaster in chess
here’s why i don’t believe in “storage”
am i wasting away my good young years?
@grahammitchell: a thank you to my best school teacher
re-creating my website—and a suggestion for you
the same in honor and disgrace
fulfilling a need
empire state building
time as a deadline
“if you write dull shit, it doesn’t matter what you die from”
how to compare yourself to the greatest people of all time
a playlist of the greatest people in the world

July 2019

On Hold
i read three books in one day
The Tower and the Bridge
What were you writing in?
A Letter to My Dog Who Doesn’t Know I’m Not Coming Home

June 2019

Blowing In The Wind, At My Desk Edition
This place can be home, too.
Umbrella as Accidental Fashion Statement
Diego Segura’s 39th Brilliant Idea
The Best City in the World
Live first, then write.
Writing Every Day
What Ifs (for designers)
The Artist’s Subconscious
Creative Check-in
“I don’t have enough time” is bullshit.
Just Like Her Father
Black Pants and Black Shirt, or A Day Spent on Madison Avenue
Don’t quit (at the wrong time)
The Loneliest City in the World (or one of them)
Moving Day
I’m afraid to stop reading a book, and I shouldn’t be.
A Quick Question for the Exit Row

May 2019

If you’re not selling, who do you expect to buy?
Who cares if you’re an entrepreneur?
Doing the right thing is (often) lonely.
“Forgetting purifies and I know how to be an amnesiac.”
You’ll start succeeding when you stop caring
Instagram Entrepreneurs
Chess taught me not to keep failing.
The difference between a good run and a bad run:
to the boy at the restaurant who told me it was raining:
I Lost My Car at the Gas Station, or Diego Segura’s 16th Dream.
Everything is life or death.
Learn from what’s shitty.
Time to start creating my own myth.
Can it be that it was all so simple then?
Your astrology is no excuse for your bullshit.
Moving on is always in fashion.
More smarts, not money.
“It was, as they say, the suitcase or the coffin.”
Overwhelm and Foresight
Find divinity in silence, cont’d.
Find divinity in silence.
Being angry does not mean you’re strong.
Have the hustle of a crackhead, minus the crack.
Want to have life your way? Ask.
Have a plan, even if it changes.

April 2019

Where the room isn’t, there’s room for you.
The difference between a traveler and a tourist.
Diego Segura’s 115th Spilled Ink Extravaganza
F*ck debt. In all its shitty forms.
The Strategy of the Void
When a pilot fails, people die. When a writer fails, what dies?
Design doesn’t matter.
You’re not enough of a poet to call forth life’s riches.
Childhood is timeless and fulfilling. Adulthood can be depressing and unfulfilling. What changed?
“I lost. Here’s why.”