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2020-07-06, poems

Big Shout Out to the Bureau of Reclamation

goes the water down the river
up shit’s creek past the log
past the bear past the frog
cutting earth watering grass
hydrate trees as it passes
to the hills to the mountains
past the line of the man
just before the dam
to the turbines round and round
half a mile underground
pushing rotors pushing copper
where lincoln’s not around
hit a magnet hit the line
shipping out now’s the time
over plains over sand
with the help of god’s hand
on the big electric lines
on a big electric ride
and down

to the television where you watch
an old man stand in the big grand
stands as his grandson sam
hits the ball to the hand of a man
with a can and the crowd goes


thanks for the power
kept me up past dark;
thanks old man who
built the hoover dam.