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2019-06-11, poems

Black Pants and Black Shirt, or A Day Spent on Madison Avenue

In one store, they have the most
beautiful handbags and fine jewelry
made not from fabric, but from

In another, the finest blazers and 
high-fashion vintage garments from
the best brands in the world; and
plenty of serious buyers.

In the next, jackets made from fabric
engineered a century ago that make
perfectly clean lines and cuts along
the mannequin.

Further along, the most complicated
watches with exquisite finishes on
every jewel and gear you
can see through a little window.

Some stores carry a more “rich”
variety of flashy shirts and dresses
designed for the sole purpose of
displaying wealth. Or trying to.

And in my store, there are seven
pairs of black pants, and two weeks
worth of black shirts, and one sales
rep, who never has to do much work.