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2019-04-22, posts

Childhood vs. Adulthood?

When you’re a kid, every day/week/month seems like a monumental moment. You’re learning about the world. You make discoveries that feel like milestones. That’s why time in childhood feels timeless. As you grow older, there are fewer milestones in your life. Thus, time seems to speed up, and the present moment can often feel unfulfilling and boring. It can feel like life is completely passing you by. How to change that? Two ways: One, collect as many experiences as possible, as quickly as possible. (Caution: This way of life can become addicting and unfulfilling in its own way.) Here’s a better way: Make more of your ordinary moments notable and noteworthy by taking note of them.  If you were really present with your moments as they were unfolding, […] you would discover that each moment is unique and novel and therefore, momentous. […] You might even find yourself stepping out of the subjective experience of time passing altogether, as you open to the timeless quality of the present moment.” (Coming to Our Senses by Jon Kabat-Zinn)