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2019-06-17, posts

Creative Check-in

A brief check-in: My creative work currently consists of my next print publication, titled Olive Branch, Extended Edition, though that’s the title only because I need something to work with. It might change; it might not. I might brand it as the sixth issue of my magazine, or perhaps a standalone project. I’m not sure about any of it at the moment. My hope initially was to do many magazines consistently and create an extensive collection of them, but that feels too rigid. I want to explore more than that, so I will. I can always redesign the content later if I feel the need.

A friend messaged me today to tell me how much he loves my first magazine. He says the writing is enjoyable and reads like my voice. He loves the design. He seems pleased with it all, and I am happy to hear that. Unfortunately, he probably won’t enjoy all of them like he has the first one, but that comes with the territory. Hopefully, I’ll only improve in the future.

I’m stuck on what the hell I’m making with this current project, though. I need it to flow, somehow. There needs to be some narrative, which it sorely lacks right now. At first, I decided that was acceptable because, well, who the fuck cares what I create. But I’ve now decided that it’s not. The project will come together in a logical flow and will be enjoyable to read while remaining beautiful.

And if it doesn’t come together like I say it will: tell me. I’ll work on it until it does.