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Dead Frog

as entertaining as it was,
know that i never once hopped
a hop to make you happy,”
said the dead frog.


my bedtime was two days ago
when i stumbled onto this
asphalt and under a tire which
flattened me.
other than that i never slept
in my entire life, only
rested with one eye open and
a tongue ready to strike. it is
the way of the frog, much
like the way of the human
is to rest completely with
your one brain cell
still operating
still jumping to dreamscape
conclusions and looking down
on others, that’s the way of
the human.”

i kept walking, walking, walking.

all those living animals
now dead on the side of the road,
i am the champion carrying
my whole frame amply supported,
ferrying across streets and concrete,
past a dead frog, a dead bird,
dead spider, dead snake, dead
rest in peace little fella.