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Collected Magazine

7.5”x9.25” magazine: 72 pages
Issue 001, January 2019
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With Issue 001 of Collected Magazine, I aim to answer three deeply personal questions: Why do I love tragedy? Is tragedy inextricable from greatness? Most importantly, can I avoid a tragic end to my own life? With articles about Ronnie O’Sullivan, Bobby Fischer, and Johnny Tapia, I try to find some truth. Read more at Collected Magazine.

Peer Pressure

7” x 10” Paperback: 104 pages
December 2018
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Peer Pressure is 104 pages of, well, peer pressure. Rather than listening to the defeatist voice in your head that scares you away from creating something, listen to the voice inside these pages. It’s irreverent and honest, for better or for worse, and is sure to get you off your ass.

The Dropout Manifesto

Paperback: 173 pages
May 2018
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The Dropout Manifesto is my first book released during my junior year of high school. I was 17, frustrated with the school system, and determined to create a new path. This book details the mindset of a dropout—irrespective of whether you drop out or not—and sets a foundation for anyone to continue their education, without an institution.

To a Man Much Like Myself

Paperback: 143 pages
October 2018
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Inspired by Seneca’s Moral Letters to Lucilius, I decided to write myself letters of advice, criticism, and encouragement every day for three months. This book is the result of much editing and organizing of those thoughts, and will encourage you to start a journaling practice of your own; after all, you’re a philosopher, too.

Steph Spector Brand Book

Project completed November 2018
Stapled booklet
Website design can be viewed here

Steph is an extraordinary editor—she edits my books, so I’m only slightly biased—and in late 2018 decided to go full-time as a freelance editor. This brand book is the result of our work together, and outlines her brand identity in all facets. This project turned out wonderfully, and it was only made possible because she was such a great client. Thanks Steph!

Fischer vs. Spassky 1972

Stapled booklet: 44 pages
November 2018
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I wasn’t alive when Bobby Fischer played Boris Spassky in 1972 (or ‘92), but the story is still alive and well. This packet is daringly simple, and features only a small bit of writing in the introduction. Other than that, it’s pure chess: on the left pages are the moves and scores of each game, and on the right the final position—designed to highlight only Bobby’s brilliant chess in this match.


Stapled booklet: 16 pages
October 2018
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PRINCIPLES started as a “culture doc” on my website, and in an effort to refine the values outlined therein, it turned into this packet. Sold for $50, only 18 copies were printed and are still being sold selectively. The 16 pages outline some of the most influential ideas in my life, with lessons from Bill Belichick, Patrice O’Neal, and Vassily Ivanchuk, to name a few.

A Life of Type

4.75”x 4.75” stapled booklet: 28 pages
September 2018
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A Life of Type is a short booklet about the various typefaces that I remember from early childhood until now, including my first encounters with Ubuntu and the real reason I dropped out of school: Times New Roman.