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July 5, 2019

Adorable. Truly, all three of you.

Classic group. Wild one, smart one, and timid one who is just along for the ride. (Smart one was easily the cutest.)

I had a girl with me, but the wild one—who was sober, surprisingly—still found a way to exchange numbers.

A few moments later, I looked her in the eye and said with a smile, I bet you’re batshit insane,” or something pseudo-rude like that. But I said it endearingly. Righteuously—as if I was just acknowledging a fact and in some odd way, approving of the fact that this girl is probably a little crazy. No harm in that, just a little shocking to hear two minutes into a conversation with a complete stranger.

Hugs were exchanged, hands were briefly held, and off we went. Happy Fourth.