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2019-07-05, posts


Adorable. Truly, all three of you.

Classic group. Wild one, smart one, and timid one who is just along for the ride. (Smart one was easily the cutest.)

I had a girl with me, but the wild one—who was sober, surprisingly—still found a way to exchange numbers.

A few moments later, I looked her in the eye and said with a smile, I bet you’re batshit insane,” or something pseudo-rude like that. But I said it endearingly. Righteuously—as if I was just acknowledging a fact and in some odd way, approving of the fact that this girl is probably a little crazy. No harm in that, just a little shocking to hear two minutes into a conversation with a complete stranger.

Hugs were exchanged, hands were briefly held, and off we went. Happy Fourth.