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three hebrews
walk into a fiery furnace.

the first stumbled on
a freshly killed corpse
that looked like his brother;
he was frightened
and ran out.

the second walked further but
ran into some coals and
his clothes began to burn;
instead of tearing the garments
from his body, he ran out
in an effort to save what was left.

the third spent a whole
four hours in the fiery furnace
before he found a book, no title,
144 pages long, all the pages
on the left side said,
and all the pages on the right said,

he spent twenty minutes reading
each and every page before he
reached the final page with all the
legal information and publisher

it read:

All Rights Reserved
0001 A.D.


and the third hebrew
ran out of the fiery furnace
back to his world of

Published on 2020-04-04.

Tagged: poems