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2021-03-11, poems

Furniture and Soulmates

the difference between
furniture and future
is just the r’, n’, i’

those with no hope of home
tend to run further away

there’s never a right time
to have a child, but
there is a perfect time
to buy a crib, next weekend,
they’re having a sale and
she is due in six weeks.

those birds of a feather
who travel together — i guess
that’s the dream, but i don’t
envy them, i envy bookcases
in park slope.

herman miller furniture stays with you
like grandma’s ashes,
a leather chair passed on,
a dining table never gets old
you only need a new one
because you want a new one
like psychological hunger.

never marry someone
whose apartment
you can’t afford to furnish.

no more monsters under the bed:
we bought a platform.”

furniture is such a commitment —

too much furniture
and you have no future.

one day you forget
how all this shit
fit in the front door,
unwilling to disassemble

too much of a future
when you just want to
sit, read, sleep, hug.

one bedroom,
one me

one day:
you and me,
maybe still one bedroom

whose furniture
are you sitting
on now