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2020-07-31, poems

Have You Seen the Stars in a Chess Board

when the king is knocked over
the horses wobble along, the
rook is split in half and the queen
kneels for the bishop, there are left
the pawns and they’ll sacrifice themselves
and you are left only with the
squares and inside the squares you have
grain, criss-crossing like the wind
once swayed the trees these squares
came from and next to that tree was the dirt
and under that dirt were the minerals
holding the mysteries of times past
and in those minerals you may find a gem
uncut, dirty, but with light it would shine
and you would look in its atoms you could
find the endless possibilities of chess games
galaxies and stars and constellations
resembling the letters of the alphabet and on
closer inspection you would realize they spell out:

it’s your move.