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2021-10-14, poems


which of her two eyes do i like most?

one is brown, the other a grey-green.

how we met, i know.


how we loved, i do not know.

she fucks rich men and model girls and she is here with me — the duality of vision, one of her two-colored eyes must take pity on me.

i act like i’m surprised but her god complex is a mirror of my own.

will she be mad if i tell her i love her one more time?

i use my right hand to hold her neck and i kiss her on the left, peering at the brown eye, the eyelid mostly shut.

great sex makes you think, love makes you wonder.

lucky for me: my brain is firm in these sheets, not skyscapes.

lucky, too:

would she - want to go again?” - yes,” she would.