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2019-09-02, posts

how to write a headline that makes you billions of dollars

Visit any company’s website and you’ll likely read a headline like:

Though I’m sure all those headlines are well-written and carefully crafted, they all sound the same. Until one of them doesn’t.

Imagine you used to carry around a Sony Walkman and chose your music every morning from a big binder of CDs. One day, someone hands you an iPod and says, 1,000 songs in your pocket.”


While the 1,000 songs in your pocket” headline is brilliant, the iPod is also a brilliant product, and it’s worth sharing with the world. That makes writing about it all the more meaningful.

To write a headline that makes you billions of dollars, do something special that’s valuable to others, and then write about it.

(Otherwise you’re, what we call in the business, full of shit.)