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2020-12-03, poems

I’m Resting

spent some time
resting my chin
on the shelf
in my closet today.

you ever get sick of
balancing your head
above your body and
between your shoulders?

i stared at
a white everlane t-shirt,
one of fourteen,
and i noticed how
the shelf bows
in the middle.

someone before me
had a lot of shit
on this shelf,
but i don’t.

is against my religion,
you see.

do: get rid of things,
use less boxes,

don’t: buy more boxes
for your new things.

do: use storage
when necessary

don’t: make a strong
shelf look weak with
all of your shit.

i spent some time
resting my chin
on that shelf,
relieving the weight
of my skull from my spine—
contemplating my religion
hoping the weight
of my ego wouldn’t
create more of a bow.