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2019-07-07, posts

i read three books in one day

Very short ones. But still took a lot of time and focus. I enjoyed almost every minute of it.

First, Chairman by Tibor Kalman. A biography of Rolf Fehlbaum, who grew the Vitra furniture company into what it is today. It was mostly pictures, with a beautifully written narrative threaded throughout. Found it on a random shelf at work. 

Second, Erasmus is Late by Liam Gillick. This book was a shitshow. I have no idea what the hell I read. Much of the philosophizing, if I can call it that, went way over my head. The concept, characters, and execution of the book were sort of brilliant. I made it through the entire thing relatively quickly, so it wasn’t too unbearable. But weird as hell. Would not recommend, to be frank, but it did inspire me to think about different ways of writing.

Third, Duchamp’s Last Day by Donald Shambroom. I learned about Marcel Duchamp and his last day alive. How his friends took an important photo of him right after his death. This also happened to Victor Hugo. Was the art collaboration between Man Ray, the photographer, and Marcel Duchamp, even though he was dead? I learned about the readymade, and how Duchamp championed it. This book was a pleasant read. Would recommend, especially if you have some preexisting knowledge on Duchamp.