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2020-03-22, poems

Immortal Poems

i just lost two immortal poems
i had written them in one app
and when i closed it they didn’t save—
typewriters don’t do this shit—
and they’re gone forever.

i don’t remember the poems, of course,
that’s not how poems work,
they just come to me and i write them down
i’m just the medium through which
the poems speak,
those two poems are gone,
they would have changed my career
i know they would have
i’d be sitting next to billy collins
at a big university reading my poetry
about to be nominated the
poet laureate of the united states
if those two poems would have saved,
the only guy who can save those poems
is james,
the nsa agent
with a chewbacca miniature on his desk
and a bottle of empty lotion
from that one time he stayed at the
office for three nights monitoring the
activity of some camgirls,
that creepy motherfucker,
he’s assigned to me
he watches my screen all the time,
i can feel when he is and he saves
screenshots of what i’m doing every five seconds
even when i’m not there,
i hate you james but
i beg you
can you text me screenshots
of those two poems, seriously,
it would change my fucking life.