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2020-07-17, poems

James Kennedy Riga

so you give me the book,
i’ll scribble in it, you
watch as i destroy a volume
of j.k. rowling, i’ll treat
deathly hallows like the napkin
she wrote her first notes on,”

alright, and i’ll use your copy
of the steve jobs biography to
wipe my ass,”

crapshoot writing is a
a lifesaver for the homeless
but the true honor
is to have your pages
rolled into a blunt,
an honor she says she’s only
ever given to james kennedy riga
a man who published a masterpiece
at 20, fled from the police for
31 years for tax evasion and when
one private investigator found
his whereabouts outside of
sioux falls, south dakota, ended
up a guest of the riga home and never
want back to society after that
day, it was march
26, 1969: you give me a story,”
james used to say, and by god i’ll
end it.”