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2019-06-22, posts


  1. Stepped out of the office today for a walk and set my phone on a timer for fifteen minutes. When it goes off, I’ll turn around and come back. I am not angry or distraught, but I do need a break.

  2. There’s zero reason for me to rush. I suppose it’s more of a workout if I move quickly, but that’s irrelevant. I walk as if I have somewhere to be—and soon. But I don’t.

  3. It’s fun to play this part. I usually wear an impenetrable expression on my face and a tight gaze that signals seriousness—I don’t do it intentionally, in fact, I often have to tell myself to relax.

  4. I play this part among a sea of other people who seem to be playing the same part. Whether they are on their way home or to see a friend, their faces give nothing away.

  5. Many of them do have somewhere to be. But I imagine there are a select few who have no destination—they’re on a stroll just like me, taking a break from their hustle, by participating in a walk that reeks of the same thing.

  6. Have you ever seen the movie Jack Reacher? I’ve heard that you never see him run in any of the scenes—it’s an action film. I’m not sure if that’s true, but I do know that he runs on his own schedule.

  7. The challenge isn’t to wear the face and walk the walk, it’s to slow down—of course, while staying out of the way of those who are in a rush. Never be in a rush, even if you are—and you’ll realize the world goes on even if you’re not there on time.

  8. Nice. Only a couple minutes late today.