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2020-06-24, poems


i sat down on the
bench next to where
the two tallest homeless
men in all of downtown sit and
banter and we saw—for
the first time—a
scooter in the city,
i thought:

so that’s what goes best
with cargo shorts
and a graphic tee,

and the homeless

men thought:
so that’s what money
can buy, maybe
life ain’t so bad, baby.

we never thought it’d

but now i sit on that
bench downtown,
the sun is setting
and the cute girls
are down the street
taking photos in the golden light
there ain’t
even cars on this road no
the two yellow stripes are
worn down, the two
tall homeless men
have died or
gotten homes
or are sitting on other
benches in other

i wish i could share a
mcnugget with them,
the chicken still tastes
about the same,
and the scooters look
just about as
dumb as
shit as
they looked the first
time we all three
saw em.