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2021-02-22, poems


love is
not apologizing for being a goof
love is
long walks
you falling asleep on
my shoulder on the 2 train
playing chess in the park
me losing at chess because
i’m distracted looking at you
not losing because
you blundered and i always win
your pride in me for being a winner
me working at 2 am
you watching me work, smiling
calling each other names
sweet names
mean names
love is
try it
try it again
try it a third time because
we don’t really know what we want
love is
saying i miss you
saying i hate you
saying i never want to see you again
saying i’m free on sunday
would you like to
do it again on tuesday
giving up on the other women
only wanting one
love is
all i’ve got to give you,
love is
best contained in a hug,
not a letter, not words,
love is
best expressed in silence
with eyes and hands
love is
when you know you know
short memory
love is
love is
join me.