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2019-08-22, posts


Sitting on the bus on the way home today, marveling at all the technology around me. Screens, lights, connected by dozens of computers with little programs and scripts to keep them functioning. Human-engineered combinations of metals, glass, plastics. Tens of thousands of individual parts in the engine, the transmission, hell, even the windshield wipers.

All together, it’s a remarkable symphony. Each individual part, however, is relatively simple. Gears, levers, screws, fasteners—things that have been around for a very long time and haven’t changed very much. Each computer that keeps such a machine functioning boils down to zeros and ones. Put all those simple pieces together in just the right way…

Every new invention is built on the back of another. So it goes that inventing the next thing means you first have to know what’s in front of you so you can appropriate, borrow, and steal a few ideas to make something new.

Good artists copy. Great artists steal.” Yes, that’s true. Great artists, most importantly, have done their research and know exactly where to steal” from to build their next creation.