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2019-06-04, posts

Moving Day

I just moved into a new apartment and helped one of the previous tenants move their stuff out. They filled an entire hallway with stuff, and I brought only a suitcase, a backpack, and shipped one small Home Depot box of stuff up, too. The difference was astounding.

Looking at all those things piled up, I realized that the same could happen to me. I could move into this apartment, get comfortable, and start bringing things home all the time. Better yet, I might never throw things away or get rid of them. Before you know it, I’d be the one with a hoard of stuff to move out.

It’s like getting a new car. At first, you think you’ll keep it nice and clean no matter what, but a few months later you’ve completely screwed that up.

There’s no silver bullet to prevent these things from happening other than the following impeccable advice:

Don’t let these things happen.