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2019-05-12, posts

Moving on is always in fashion.

Karl [Lagerfeld] could hit upon a trend, explore it, draw it and then three weeks later eject it ruthlessly from his intellectual system and pass on to the new, the next.” (The Beautiful Fall by Alicia Drake)

Creativity is a spark. Sometimes, it feels like it’ll never come back. That’s why we stay up late trying, trying, and trying again—writing, writing, and writing some more—until we find the spark again. And it works, so long as we persevere.

The danger, however, is that we’ll find the spark, connect to it, and feed off that same energy forever. For some people, that’s okay. If you find a formula to write a certain type of song with a similar sound, and you can sell records just like it for the rest of time, go for it.

The second you find something that works and you stick with it is the moment you start missing out on something else that will also work.

If you want to keep progressing, know when to move on.