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2019-05-17, posts


Jacques de Bascher didn’t design dresses, paint pictures, or take photos, yet in 70s/80s Paris, Jacques de Bascher was a name that the entire fashion world knew. He carried on a long-term relationship with Karl Lagerfeld and also had an affair with Yves Saint Laurent, Lagerfeld’s rival and the undisputed king of fashion at the time.

Jacques de Bascher was a consummate seducer, a man of pure charm. He was relentless about creating just the right image and presenting himself just the right way, which is exactly what aesthetes like Yves and Karl wanted around. Jacques was a lover and more than anything a muse.

So it goes that anything (or anyone) you can admire is worth keeping around—think rock collecting. Make yourself useful and museworthy, and that’s a hell of a combination—think Andy Warhol.