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On Hold

July 9, 2019

This blog, as of this post, is on hold until August 1.

For the last 6 months, I have created and published printed magazines titled Diego Segura. For the seventh issue (July 2019), I will not publish a printed booklet, but a documentary-style video.1

As of now, it’s a very vague idea. I intend for it to be a half-hour long. I will treat the video with a similar dramatic, high-contrast black-and-white look that many of my photos on Instagram have. I plan to release the video on YouTube, of course, but possibly also on some sort of physical medium. I’m not sure how I’d feel if there was no physical object to ship.

Why can’t I continue writing every day on this blog?

My magazines consist of writing, photos, and design. Writing on this blog was a great way to write first drafts of content throughout the month and then compile them into a polished publication by the end of the month. However, writing will not be an integral part of this video. So, I’ve decided not to dedicate my time to writing and instead focus on shipping this.

I’ll be back, hopefully with something interesting.

Or, something mediocre. But I’ll have learned something in the process.

  1. That was the plan. It never worked out like I wanted it to, and now I have 13 or so small clips from this project that I’ve yet to release to the world. Maybe one day I’ll throw them out into the world.