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2019-05-08, posts

Overwhelm and Foresight

I’m about to make the biggest move of my life—from my hometown to a new city. There’s a whole lot to do—and though I have plenty of time, my mind is starting to feel overwhelmed. At this moment, I can only remind myself of two things:

  1. Stress level: Zero.

There’s no getting around all these tasks. But there’s also no use in getting stressed out. Take it in stride. If at any moment you feel overwhelmed and stressed—stop. Breathe. No, it’s not. This is what you must do.

  1. Look ahead.

Looking ahead is what’s making me stressed out at the moment—I see so many things to do and it’s freaking me out. However, if I wasn’t looking ahead, I would encounter all sorts of problems. The tasks in front of me are simple, though plentiful. Keep looking ahead and planning well. Most importantly, be flexible when your plan has to change or you forgot about something.

Bonus: Pray.

Whatever that means, pray. If that means breathing, walking, sitting in silence, or speaking to God, stop and pray.

I’ll be alright.