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2020-04-05, poems

Partners in Crime

and on the fourth night
Al Capone and Two-Gun Crowley
got into a fight over
the color of paint
they would choose for the
getaway vehicle.

you motherfucker, you,
you’re a crazy killer, Crowley,
everything can’t be red,
you fuck.”

Two-Gun Crowley responded,

alright, go ahead with your
obsession with black-and-white
because you’re such a
vintage villain’,
you’re gonna fall out of style
one day, old man.”

the poet sat in the corner
of the evil lair
and thought,

is Two-Gun Crowley
older or younger than
Al Capone,”

but he decided against fact-checking
and kept writing his poem
as Al said:

we’ll paint the car black
but we’ll add red pinstripes,

Crowley responded:

fine, you always get what you
want, you think because you had
all that fame as a criminal
you’re the big shot here.


Al knew that Crowley was
bitching, like he does
but Al was a bitch to Crowley,

it’s quite odd when two criminals
get married,
you’ve never seen such a spectacle.