Podcast 006: On bringing good energy, being more likable, good deeds and living in the present

Bryce Carson and I sat down for a conversation on the podcast. Bryce and I have been working together since late 2017 at thirdbreath. Bryce is currently 17 years old with big visions and big ambitions. He's an excellent young man with great work ethic and ability to learn—I've enjoyed all our time working together and look forward to seeing him do great things in the future years. You can find him at brycecarson.com and follow him on social media to keep up with his work in music and life in general! 

In this episode:

  • Bringing good energy
  • Being more likable
  • Sales and likability
  • Oxytocin and doing good things
  • Actionable ways to be happier

Podcast 005: All about journaling: My previous journals, and current practices for you to try

I get lots of questions about my journal, mostly because my writing is small and people are visually interested in how it looks. Since they can't read my handwriting all that well, many people ask what I put in my journal. I am always writing in it, and it is almost always with me, so that's what I talk about in this podcast.

In this episode:

  • Flipping through my old journals
  • How to use journals for self-reflection
  • Visual reminders and to-do lists
  • Daily habit systems in a journal
  • My system of boxes for insights

Podcast 004: Creative Review: Coco Chanel on buttons, selling the next action, and power

All week long, I spend lots of time writing in my journal. It hosts all sorts of notes (not for school!), reflections, and insights that I hear from other people. You may classify my journal as a sort of commonplace book, more than anything.

So, I took some of those insights and topics I wrote about this week, and spoke about them for half an hour to share my learning with you!

In this episode:

  • Why Coco Chanel said "No buttons without buttonholes"
  • Resolve
  • Selling the next action rather than the product
  • Problem, agitate, solve
  • Power

Podcast 003: On purpose, praise, doubters, and accountability

I decided to go through some of the daily reflections that I've posted in the last couple of days and go a bit more in depth on those.

Intentionally, the daily reflections are relatively vague and don't mention any specific situations, so they lack a fair bit of detail in an effort to be less timely. Hopefully, this podcast sheds some light on some of those topics.

In this episode:

  • Purpose and meaning—What is the end goal?
  • Why praise cannot be accepted
  • Dealing with people who doubt you
  • Holding yourself accountable

Podcast 002: On homework, deciding on your interests, and motivation

In this episode:

  • How can we improve homework to make it more engaging, more meaningful, and less strenuous for students?
  • Is a success without an education difficult?
  • How shall I decide what actually are my interests in order to choose a better field after 12th?
  • Do kids drop from school because they don't have enough attention?
  • How do you find the motivation to work on art?

Podcast 001: Questions on The Dropout Manifesto

So, I figured that the next logical step after releasing my book was to start podcasting. And, I figured that I would start by answering questions about my book. This is what I came up with.

In this episode:

  • Why has school always been boring to you?

  • When did you find out that what you were learning was not the best?

  • Is there any right way to regulate large scale education ?

  • Where can kids without good role models look to gain wisdom and motivation?

  • What pushed you over the edge to make you start writing [The Dropout Manifesto]?

  • How did you figure out your own path to success?

Interview with Jeff Kikel at T-Werx

Above is an awesome interview that I was able to do with Jeff Kikel at T-Werx Coworking. Jeff was gracious enough to allow me to appear on Entrepreneur Essentials and speak with him recently, and this is that interview.

Among other topics that you'll hear about:

  • My business, thirdbreath, and what I do.
  • Upcoming book called The Dropout Manifesto.
  • Advice on the first steps to starting your side hustle in high school.
  • Tools that I use on a daily basis.
  • The number one book recommendation I have for starting entrepreneurs.