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Collected 001

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Letter from the Editor

FOR BETTER OR FOR WORSE, OVER MY FEW YEARS on this earth I’ve idolized really complicated, successful people.

I’m talking about the likes of Ronnie O’Sullivan, Bobby Fischer, and Johnny Tapia. Champions who have endured tragedy. It’s because of them that I’ve hoped for a tragic story of my own, allowed myself to feel low when I'm not perfect at something, and even caught myself wishing for insanity. Ronnie O'Sullivan—a snooker player who you’ll learn more about in this issue—throughout his life struggled with mental illness. I remember hearing that when Ronnie was growing up, he idolized Steve Davis, the best snooker player in his time, so much so that Ronnie emulated Steve’s mannerisms right down to the way Steve walked. When I heard that, I thought, that's just it! I'll emulate Ronnie's cocky confidence and short temper.

Why do I react this way? Why do I love tragic stories? Is tragedy truly inextricable from greatness, or can I reach that level of success without steering my life in the wrong direction?

These questions are the inspiration behind the first issue of this magazine, an exploration and reflection on the lives of troubled geniuses.

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