Diego Segura, Issue 002

Diego Segura, Issue 002


Main Article, starts page 6
The Gambler’s Cop, 20–21
Bottom Deal: Erdnase Method, 22–23
Bottom Deal: Madison Method, 24–25
The Hacker’s Manifesto, 36–37
Preface & Introduction to EATCT, 50–52
The Story of Gyges, 60–62
Sounds 002, 66–67
A Tribute to Lee McQueen, 68–71

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Letter from the Editor

TWO MONTHS into this magazine, and I’m already proving to be an indecisive editor. Collected Magazine is no more—the magazine will carry my name on the cover.

There are some inconveniences that I’ll have to address: the playlist included in last month’s magazine made sense: Collected Sounds is exactly what it sounds like. I planned on calling the photos section Collected Sights, which would have been a nice little theme to run with.

But that’s all out the window. Instead, this magazine now bears my name, not due to egotism but for recognizability. If you found yourself asking what Collected was, you had every right to wonder. As did I. A name, rather than a mere word like Collected, carries with it an idea. I plan to extend the connotations of the word Diego with every issue of this magazine. What you’ll find in these pages is me, after all.

WORDS to write this month didn’t come easy. As opposed to the first issue of this publication, I’ve only written one main article rather than a set of essays. It includes around 6,000 words of my own writing, as well as supplemental reading where it fits. This includes the preface and introduction to S.W. Erdnase’s The Expert at the Card Table, Loyd Blankenship’s The Hacker’s Manifesto, and The Story of Gyges from Plato’s Republic.

An explanation of what you’re about to read is hard to provide before you’ve read it. I tried to tie everything together by the end, but even that proved challenging. It might be too cryptic, but if nothing else I assure you that you’ll learn about something you’ve never heard of