To a Man Much Like Myself

To a Man Much Like Myself


To a Man Much Like Myself is my second book, released on October 25, 2018. You can also buy the book on Amazon.

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You're a philosopher among the likes of Seneca.

After writing my first book in May of 2018, I felt like I had nothing more to dedicate myself to, so I started to write myself letters. For three months, I wrote reflections to myself every day, giving advice and keeping myself steady. I thought it was just a journaling practice, but it turned into much more than that.

Seneca, a philosopher born 4 B.C., spent the last years of his life writing letters to a pupil of his named Lucilius. The Moral Letters to Lucilius are excellent bits of wisdom that are still relevant today. Those letters, and the voice of reason that Seneca wrote with, influnced every bit of the writing in this book. Before I knew it, I started to hear that voice on a daily basis.

Journaling this way changed my life. My goal for you is to read these reflections I wrote to myself, read the letters Seneca wrote to his pupil, and then put the book down and start journaling to change your life, too.


My name is Diego Segura. As you’re reading this, I’m 18 years old. (As of this writing, I’m still 17.) I “graduated” high school in May of 2018 shortly after releasing my first book, The Dropout Manifesto.

I write books for a simple reason: I like to create things that I’d like to have. That includes both of my books and other printed matters like A Life of Type and PRINCIPLES 018. You can keep up with all of my design and writing at, and at the front of this book, you’ll find all of my contact information when you want to get in touch.