On expectations, skeptics, and deferred gratification

On perspective Develop the ability to put yourself in other people's shoes. This is a skill that will aid your self awareness by being able to analyze your own actions from another point of view. In order to see things from a different perspective, you must understand how others think and act. You can do this through intentional observation and by paying close attention to others rather than being absorbed by yourself and your own thoughts. Get out of your own head and you will be better equipped to help others.

On expectations Did you expect to succeed? You might have had some level of confidence, but why are you surprised when you have failed? Perhaps your propensity to fail comes from not acknowledging the strong possibility of your failure in the first place. You can and will fail. You should even expect to fail and then ask why before you have to fail in the real situation. Don't fail to look forward into the future and speculate on what will happen, and don't maintain unrealistically high expectations. Your expectations will only serve to blind you to reality rather than push you to action to give yourself a higher chance of success in whatever your task is.

On skeptics It's not uncommon to speak to people who will constantly question you and your motivation, especially since you are young entering a world of people in business that don't identify with you at all. There is no context as to why you show up, and therefore significant skepticism as to why you are worth anyone's time. There are two remedies—one, to wait for the people that are willing to talk to you, because they will be worth more than all of the skeptics who will find any excuse to dismiss you, or two, to provide context and turn skeptics into believers. Though I cannot tell you exactly how you are to perform the latter, I am of strong conviction that it is the right path. If you can change the minds of many (though not all), the remaining small amount of skeptics will be negligible.

On deferred gratification Your desired results in anything you do may not come quickly. Take your time, and remain equanimous as you slowly but surely make your way to your desired future state. Deferred gratification means doing what you can for today so that tomorrow may do what it can for you. Slow down, and don't become impatient. Remain diligent like you are at the beginning of any effort, and don't let that dwindle, for it is the only thing between your imminent success and failure.

Diego Segura