On being even-tempered, forced sacrifice, and target

On being even-tempered Even when the social situation doesn't call for being even-tempered, you should still remain equanimous. In fact, it's in the times where everyone else is the opposite of even-tempered that you should take the most calm approach possible and act in the starkest contrast to everyone else in the situation. This comes up primarily when you're watching some sort of spectacle with others that often demands large reactions from you as a member of the crowd. Maybe the better solution is to avoid spectacles entirely and to not put yourself in these situations at all, but if you so happen to end up in one, remember that you still have no license to lose control of your mind and act at the whims of the game you're watching. All spectacles of the sort are games—debates, news, sporting events—and hold little to no bearing on your life. React accordingly. More precisely, don't react, accordingly.

On forced sacrifice There will be times when you have an opportunity and it is taken from you—you must say no. There is no decision to say no to it to focus on another thing. You may feel helpless in a situation like this, but you shouldn't. In fact, this is one of the easiest possible things to deal with. For one, you cannot change the decision, so you have no decision to make. Further, now you have to focus on the better opportunities that you have. That's easier said than done, and you might feel like the opportunity you just lost was the absolute best you could've possibly hoped for, but we both know that's not true. It is always too early to have experienced the best of your entire life. Look for the next opportunity, or focus on the opportunities that you have under-appreciated, and you will find a gold mine of further opportunity there. Maybe your problem wasn't a lack of opportunity at all, just a lack of initiative to seize it.

On target Who are you aiming to help with your efforts today, and who did you aim to help with your efforts yesterday? This question should be in your mind constantly. That's all that matters, after all. If you go too many days unable to answer this question, you have a serious problem on your hands. That means you're entirely focused on your own self-interest and are failing to meet the needs of people around you. Never forget that others are the source of any power, wealth, or wellbeing that you will ever enjoy. A client pays the bills, a good boss keeps you in your job, your friends keep you sane. You rely on other people, so don't forget: they are the targets of your efforts, and always should be. Make them happy, and not only will you become happier, but they will reciprocate in more ways than you can currently imagine.

Diego Segura