On vocation, deep work, and routine

On vocation In the coming days, months, and years, you need to pay lots of attention to your calling. Not only should you be ready to pick up the phone but you should be listening for a phone call. Expect one. Your vocation—your entire life's purpose is trying to reveal itself in many ways and unless you are deliberate in trying to find it, you will miss the call. That would be a horrible shame, considering there is a purpose waiting for you. Many people delude themselves into a narrative that there is no purpose for them simply because they cannot immediately see it, and neither can you. Instead of trying to figure it out now, simply figure out the next best action. Realize that the path to your vocation is just that...a path. You will start in one place and end up in another. You should always aim to make forward progress, but realize that where you start may be a very different place than where you finish. The worst thing you can do is to stop taking steps. If there are no clearly correct next steps to take, stop thinking and rely on your intuition to decide. If your decision is wrong, that is nothing to get worked up over. You've learned and now you have revealed the correct decision. That is the goal of your current endeavors.

On deep work You have to find ways to spend more time in one task with concentrated focus. Too often, you diffuse your attention and end up finishing a task slowly and with lower quality. Stop! Say no to the rest of the things that might occupy your attention! Have an intense and insane focus that nobody else seems to understand. The only way you will excel in your work is to deeply focus on it, with the entire capacity of your mind. Give your work your full attention and it will give you all it wants to give you.

On routine Where there is a consistently correct solution, be consistent in using it. Routine may be the answer to this, though you should caution yourself against never changing. It might make you susceptible unpredictability in other places in your life if you are too accustomed to doing the same thing over and over. When it saves you energy, effort, and mental capacity so that you can focus on other things, you should have a routine. If you are falling into a rhythm that doesn't serve a purpose like this, force yourself out of it deliberately. Push yourself out of your comfort zone. Even if a certain pattern continues to work for you, force yourself out of it consistently. If it was truly the best way to handle that aspect of your life, you will return to it. Otherwise, it will fall away and you will develop better habits and ways to live.

Diego Segura