On sleep and pride

On sleep Recently, you've learned the power of thinking about things in your sleep to help you solve problems. If you go to sleep thinking about a problem, your mind seems to labor away at it while you are resting. That's super awesome if you can learn how to control it to some degree. It's also really helpful if you are very deliberate as to what you think about before you sleep. Unfortunately, you haven't been. In fact, you ended yesterday on a bad note and immediately went to sleep, and I would venture to guess that it's the reason you didn't sleep very well. If your mind will still be active when you are asleep, it is important for you to take time before you sleep to calm it. Put yourself in a better state of mind and you will sleep better and wake up better consequently. Don't end on a bad note and let that follow you into your sleep.

On pride The biggest problem that you must look out for at all times is your pride. You get lots of praise at this young age. Whether that's deserved or undeserved is completely irrelevant. I would argue that if you think you deserve it, that in itself is prideful and dangerous. Either way, your pride could be what tears you down from any heights you might achieve. If you become too prideful to learn from others, you will cease to learn and soon fail. That's a given, but even more sinister is the deeper hold pride can take. If your pride ever begins to creep into the why of what you do, you are sure to fail. You may not even fail in the work, at least not immediately. You may be able to go many months or even years doing the same quality work that you were doing before without seeing that your why has changed. Your pride will become tangible when, in the end, nobody cares about your work (and you) as much as you do. Your pride had become the driving force for what you do and, when nobody else is nearly as prideful as you are, you become disappointed. Depressed, even. This is the problem with being self-centered. You become so self-centered that you value what everyone else thinks to validate who you are. This all stems from pride and a need to feed your ego. Kill the pride that you see pop up in your life very early. If you allow it an inch, it will take a mile.

Diego Segura