On the island and ghosts

On the island Your knowledge is an island which you grow and expand by walking off of the shores with faith that ground will begin to appear underneath you. If you take an aerial view of this island, at your birth, it looks like a very small island. It only has one palm tree and some sand around it. However, as you get older and learn things, the island starts to expand. You have had to get your feet wet by walking out and swimming away from your island. The ground starts to appear underneath you as you master things. When you swim into the unknown waters of another city by moving, as you become familiar with that place, your island expands. You are no longer swimming, but standing as the ground has come to support you. Standing on your island is stagnating, while swimming away from it is growing and learning. This is your goal in life. To swim as much as possible and enjoy the island that you create because of it. The more you swim and the larger your island gets, the more rich the vegetation and life becomes. No longer do you have one palm tree, you have an entire continent from which to develop. You are like a conquerer of the world around you, having amassed land that Columbus could never have discovered by accident. This is the path to mastery. You could always stick around in your hometown and learn little. You could refuse to leave your comfort zone and survive only based on what you know today. But there you will stay, on your island with one palm tree, struggling to stay awake on the beach because of the boredom you experience.

On ghosts Compare yourself more to a ghost than to a loud and bumbling creature. You should be able to quickly disappear into the shadows in many social situations. You have to learn not how to own the room but how to relinquish it. How to get rid of yourself entirely when it does you a favor to let everyone else indulge their vanity. You've observed many people become frustrated at any threat to the attention they might receive from a group. If they so deeply crave that, you'd be making a mistake trying to deprive them of it. It's like stealing a toy from a dog. They will growl and become angry with you and many times, it won't end well. Learn how to step out of the way.

Diego Segura