On excitement, playing catch-up, and next steps

On excitement What is there to be excited about? When the work isn't finished, why are you so attentive to the end? Be careful not to lose focus on the present because of a competing vision. Your brain is trying to balance to views of the same situation. First is the view of what needs to be done, which is easily the most important. Second is the view of the outcome. You should always pay more attention to what needs to be done in light of the second. If you become too concerned with the final product in the beginning, you won't begin at all! This is the challenge of writing for many. So many people would love to write a book because the final product is such a big and exciting idea. What holds them back? They're only excited for the final product, not for the painful experience of actually writing. Get excited for the work to come, if anything. The job is not finished.

On playing catch-up There have been more than a handful of times recently where you have fallen behind. There is no excuse and no explanation—you forgot to do things or failed to do them at all when you did remember. Now, you're in the position of playing catch-up in order to fulfill your commitments. There's a proof here: some things you cannot avoid. You can't avoid your daily writing practice. There is no getting around it. For that reason, don't rely on discipline to make yourself do it. It should be scheduled into your day from the beginning. Set hard deadlines for yourself. Be your own project manager. You are a project, and if things don't get done, the project falls apart.

On next steps If you're unsure of what step needs to be taken, then slow down. Assess your progress thus far, and move from there. This may even be a reason you fall behind. That's not bad, per se. You're better off slowing down to refine your purpose than rushing forward to make zero progress. Work backwards from your desired future state. You'll have to segment this into multiple future states for it to make sense. For example, what's your desired future state in one day's time? What about one year? One decade? If you only decide on your desired future state for the next decade, you'll make no progress. Everyone wants to be a billionaire, but who will do what needs to be done today? If that is your desired future state (which I don't think it is), then figure out what will get you there. That's your next step. If you don't know, ask someone who's done it before. If the path has never been forged, then you have one option: learn. You'll have to be brilliant enough to apply the experience of others to your own path, but it's possible. In sum, where do you go from here? Don't go backwards.

Diego Segura