On boredom and requirements

On boredom  With certain people, groups, and activities, I see how bored you become. I get it, you don't want to be there and have long since decided that you have something better to do. Congratulations, you're still there. You should be a bit more gracious in the moment and recognize that at one point, the day will end and you cannot have changed what you did. (Unless you can change it by leaving a situation.) Living in the moment requires a bit more maturity and I think slowly but surely you'll begin to develop it. To be a bit more specific, when you spend time with your family, you become extremely bored and even frustrated by their lack of direction in a social setting. However, in what other context can you be with your parents? Will you go  to to work with them or start a company with them, just because that would be a far more enjoyable experience? Or, would you never do such a thing because you would be equally annoyed with that as you are with eating dinner with them for more than a couple hours? When it comes down to it, your boredom with your parents (and many other people) is a you problem. Learn to love them while they're around because one day they will be no more. 

On requirements You cannot avoi d spending money on gas. You can't evade your taxes. You can't get out of sleeping at least a few hours every day. You can't get out of eating . You can't get out of dying. These are all things that are requirements in your life and they won't change for a while. (Until you get a Tesla, you'll still spend money on gas. Still, that won't happen for a long time, so keep saving.) Why do you becomoe frustrated with these things? Of all  activities to despise, you don't like going to the gas station and spending money to transport yourself because it feels like such a waste of money. Yet you are not frustrated with spennding five minutes a day on social media? Over two weeks, you'll have wasted an hour on the internet mindlessly scrolling, and you are frustrated at the $20 trip to the gas station that got you to work and back for days on end? Identify the things that are required of you and find a way to love thoose activities. You will get no where by being frustrated with them. 

Diego Segura