On taxing work, organizing, and priming

On taxing work Some of the work that you find yourself doing or assigning to yourself is taxing. Often, it is work that if someone else assigned to you, you would do gladly because of the additional expectation of them telling you to do it. However, when you are only relying on your internal expectation to do the work, I notice that you get off-task and don't stay as focused as you should on the work at hand. There's no excuse for this. The mentally draining work is what you have to do, especially considering none of the work you do has been against your will. You decide to take on all of the projects that you do. By not focusing you are only delaying the inevitable which is that you have to complete these tough tasks. I'll prescribe you a bit of single-mindedness and solitary confinement—put yourself in a room with nothing else to do but the work in front of you. What else matters at this point? What else should your time be used for?

On organizing Organizing your thoughts is where your opportunity for growth is at your current stage. You don't seem to have a problem with putting lots of words on the page, but making all of those words and thoughts cohesive is another story. You'll have to study the flow of the great nonfiction works so that you might express your ideas more clearly. You have yet to make serious use of any outlines and that is to your detriment. The outline is a skeleton to which your writing must stay wedded, and so far you are creating the body and the flesh and the vessels as you go—this is a lot of unnecessary work. Understand the foundation on which you build each piece and the only direction you can build is upward. Fail to understand this and the structure which you call your writing will spread out in all different directions and fail to become a real structure.

On priming Get yourself ready for the next day. Even when you stay up late, stay up for an extra few minutes so that you may prepare yourself to rise early the next morning. This has to be more consistent, even if it means you get less sleep and have to take short breaks throughout your day. The man early to rise is healthy, wealthy, and wise...

Diego Segura