On projection, mission, and monetizing

On projection Negative energy can be projected onto you and you can project it onto others. If you listen to other people consistently portray hatred and misery, that can seep into your own thoughts and words. In addition, if you are the projector of negative energy, you might just as quickly make the people around you miserable. As a leader, you cannot do this. In fact, you have to neutralize all of the harmful projection that bad apples do and turn the environment into a positive one. It only takes one person to lead towards bad or good for the rest of the group to follow. It matters only that they lead, not that they lead to the right place. Recognize this and step up as the leader when it is necessary.

On mission Whatever your mission is, focus on it with everything you've got. In fact, utilize one of the strategies of war and make it your only escape route. In order to move on, this gauntlet must be overcome first. Those with a lot to lose venture not to lose at all, while those with nothing to lose have the audacity to match their ambition. In your position, you have much comfort to lose, so I advise you to put yourself in uncomfortable situations that force you to adapt and change. In addition, push yourself to do things before you are ready. If you're not sure whether you can complete a certain project, push yourself to do it anyway. It will expand your boundaries quicker—no, it will expand your boundaries. That is it. If you don't dive in to the deep end, you'll never dive in at all. Perhaps at one point you should move to a new city and risk all security to gain new experience and see what creative ways of surviving, making money, and living you come up with. The one thing you must believe is that you will survive. You will not fail, so long as you stay focused on the mission and only the step in front of you.

On monetizing There are plenty of ways to monetize the work you can do, but only a few of those are correct. For one, you could take on freelance work as a writer. You seem to enjoy it, though it's a matter of spending more hours in the day on the work itself rather than living. If this is what you consider life, then by all means, you should find more ways to write. Perhaps it is now, but it won't be forever. In the future, maybe you'll monetize your abilities by working at a company in a more senior leadership position and leading teams of people—but don't let this get to your head. You are young, inexperienced, and prone to overestimate your own abilities. Jump in early if you can, but do not expose your ambition so as to force other people to kill it. Work hard in doing the work itself, not in pursuing the future work. The problem with you is that you are in-between two extremes. On one hand, you don't need any money currently and that's an extraordinary piece of leverage that allows you to save rather than spend. On the other hand, you'd like to begin monetizing this work with the fervor of someone who desperately needs it. Choose a path wisely, but don't straddle. Leverage the advantages of whatever situation you find yourself in.

Diego Segura