On punctuality, getting in your own head, and brevity

On punctuality I'm surprised you were able to meet your deadline! Considering the fact you set the deadline for yourself and saw it come up on your calendar days in advance, why did you ever need to procrastinate? Nobody else was imposing their will upon you to write for this Sunday, yet you could not get yourself to do it. Where did the non-belief in writer's block go? Surely you don't believe that now there is such a thing. In fact, this should only solidify your credence in being able to create ideas on demand. After all, with hours to spare, you created a small piece of writing deemed acceptable to be shown to many people. Suffice this to say, you didn't have to rush yourself or worry about the deadline. You chose to. Just like there is no such thing as writer's block, there is not a mystical force called procrastination preventing you from doing your work. There is only you and your work. Waiting to be done.

On getting in your own head Perhaps it is a symptom of you not getting out of your own head as we talked about a few weeks ago. You seem to be tunneling into your mind on the most trivial of issues as if you are supposed to worry about them at all. Meaningless issues that you concern yourself with, but for what? And, why? My only observation is that you don't need to think or worry about the things you do, and that when you do, it makes no positive effect on your life. Is that not enough for you to make a decision to think different thoughts? Not to mention, you're being self-centered by being in your own head. You're failing to acknowledge your insignificance. Though that might be difficult to come to terms with—especially for you—the struggle of believing it's a bad thing must be worked through. No matter what you do, that will be the nature of your situation as a mere human being. Congratulations! This is the position you play. Another body and soul to exist for a handful of decades with slim chances of leaving anything behind. Will you wallow in this fact feeling bad for yourself or will you live your life ten times differently and stop focusing on "impact" only as it applies to your legacy?

On brevity Become more comfortable in the midst of fewer words. You don't always have to be speaking and nor does anyone else. Similarly, you should be okay with times when your writing doesn't turn into a long-form tirade about a certain subject. If you can make your point in fewer words, do it.

Diego Segura