On forgiveness, sensitivity, and sweets

On forgiveness In order to lead others, you have to be much quicker to forgiveness. Your impulse, like most people's, is to hold a grudge and be frustrated with the other person, but what has that ever accomplished? It's never righted a wrong or mended a relationship. There's no point in trying it. On the other hand, forgiveness allows for much to happen, including an improvement of the situation. That's not to say forgiveness is a cure-all for any sort of conflict, but it is a great step to take. If nothing else, you should be forgiving because it's what you would want for yourself. Often, the moments when you need to forgive someone are the same moments you should be saying sorry to someone else. Would you not want them to accept your apology? Would you not want mercy extended upon you?

On sensitivity Some topics are too touchy to talk about, though you don't know that every time. You don't know what's happened to another person or how they will react, so you can't beat yourself up for saying something they react adversely to. However, if you know someone is sensitive to a certain topic, it's your responsibility to remember and be courteous of that. You're responsible for that, and it's a big task because you now have power over them. You've seen them vulnerable because of what you said, and if you were evil, you could bring that up to them and make them feel horrible about themselves. You have too much power to wield, and in order to be trusted with that, you have to be sensitive to others. The man with a sword carries it because of the power it has over others. He would be foolish to act as if his blade had no strength and could deal no damage.

On sweets What is impressive about someone indulging in dessert? Who, faced with sweets, wouldn't eat them? Anyone has the power to listen to their compulsion to eat more, but few have the ability to ignore indulgence. That is the power you should aim to have. It applies to all sorts of indulgence, too. Is it hard to refuse losing your temper? Yes, challenge yourself to do so, because it will set you apart from the rest who have no thought of keeping themselves under control. Is it hard to not indulge in gossip and be distracted by today's fleeting news? It must be, considering the people around you can't take their eyes and ears off it. Again, challenge yourself to control your impulses. It is difficult, but don't eat the sweets.

Diego Segura