On dropping out and learning

On dropping out You are more than a dropout. There is an ethos involved with what you do. A value system underlying your actions and tendencies. Perhaps it's a drive to be radically different—whatever that means. Maybe it's a desire to stand out or a grab for attention to do things in ways that nobody else dares to do them. I can't say that you're wrong for many of the things you do, only that you should clear up your motivation to do them. There's not a right way to find success, but there is a right way to define success. That's not to say that the right way for you to define success will be the same as how the next man or woman defines it, but there is a correct definition for you. Broadly, there is a universal truth that influences whether or not you are doing the right thing, but specific to you there are your tendencies and strengths that will be your compass as to where you should go. It seems like this contrarian nature might be a part of that. Your interests all fall into a certain set of values—pay more attention to those and figure out what your vocation is and what it has to do with. Hint: It's a lot deeper than writing.

On learning Worry not about the expanse of your ignorance. Only pay attention to how much you can progress today. Tomorrow does not matter. Your eyes should not be on the prize but on the progress. When you enjoy the act of investing and all of the work that goes into it, you become like Warren Buffett. When you enjoy the act of practicing and becoming better, you become like Kobe Bryant. These men enjoyed the process, not the prize. Focusing on outcomes will not give you enough motivation to continue going and you'll never reach the prize because of it. If you do reach it, you won't exceed that expectation, which would be an equally disappointing waste of your time. As you learn, you have to enjoy the learning itself, not some abstract idea of intelligence that you strive for. What is an IQ? What does it mean and what are its implications? Nothing, to you. Perhaps as a society it's a measure that we should pay attention to, but to you specifically, it couldn't matter less. Your job is to wake up and be the good and industrious human that you are called to be. Any prize that distracts you from that work should be discarded rapidly.

Diego Segura